Tax time is quickly approaching. It’s that time of the year when we all have a little jingle in our pocket. Sometimes we need it to take care of business and sometimes we can use it for a little fun. Why not do both at the same time?

Is it time for a new ride? Maybe that old ride that has been sitting in the driveway needs a motor or perhaps a transmission. Newman’s Used Motors offers an affordable payment to help you get back in the comfort of your own vehicle. If you want to purchase a car, we just need $200 down and we will give you 3 months to pay off any vehicle of your choosing. That is 90 days, same as cash! You want to put a part of layaway? Sure! We just need $100 down and we will give you 30 days to take care of it. No credit checks! Everyone is eligible as long as you have a Georgia’s drivers license.

Take a look at what we have for sale by clicking here

Contact us by giving us a call or shoot us an email if you are looking for a part or have any questions.

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